Absolute Write Net Worth Plummets to Less Than 25K

                                                                   Current WOWeb Estimate of Absolute Write Revenue

Following up on our previous post about the huge traffic plummet, we thought to check out the good old WOWeb that analyzes net worth and revenue potential of commercial websites and discovered that Absolute Write is diving ever closer to rock bottom. After our previous favorite and much-missed AW ower, Jenna, sold Absolute Write to Melodi Sherman (aka Macallister Stone) and Lisa Spangenberg, AW temporarily expanded in worth to well over $100K, propelled in part by a growing reputation for bullying and harshness that created lots of news on the Internet; but that soon backfired on them as more and more writers began to bravely speak out against their tyrannical excesses, bullying mods, and philistine owners. After a few years, the voices became a roaring torrent, and finally, gradually, Absolute Write and its Water Cooler forum began to feel the pinch.

You just can't keep trashing people for year after year without conscience or consequence. The lack of the former feeds the severity of the latter. As we've said elsewhere on this site:


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