It's Official - Author Jenna Glatzer is Avoiding Any Past Connection to Absolute Write

Jenna, We Miss you

A source close to the founder of Absolute Write, author Jenna Glatzer, has informed us that the last thing Jenna wants is any further association with Absolute Write and it's owner operators, Lisa Spangenberg and Melodi "Mac Stone" Sherman. Even Jenna's most recently updated bio page includes every detail of her past writing life and accomplishments, but noticeably fails to mention her past involvement for several years with Absolute Write.

The truth is obvious. AW is just so toxic and has such a horrible reputation that a professional like Glatzer cannot afford to be have her name mixed in with ongoing acts of defamation, juvenile mob behavior, and terrible advice.

Can anyone blame her?

NOTE: we will never reveal sources of inside information due to the relentless need for the culture at Absolute Write to seek revenge on anyone who goes against the party line--motivated by a group think narcissism that prides itself on being correct at all times. Jenna was the reformer, the being with an ethical mission, but the current culture has descended into a form of self-congratulatory Stalinism that ruthlessly polices itself and retaliates against foes rather than allow important differences of opinion. 

Relevant Links

The Libelous Defamation of Author Robert Bausch by Absolute Write and The Subsequent Attempts to Resolve

The screenshots at the conclusion of this post are taken directly from the "Haters Gonna Hate" blog post by Victoria Strauss wherein she attempts to argue in an unconvincing and utterly ridiculous way that all critics of Absolute Write online are one single troll--and this despite the fact that her own thread is filled with people complaining about AW who are obviously not the same person much less this hypothetical dream troll of Victoria's.

The conclusion of the "Haters Gonna Hate" comment thread features Michael Neff of Algonkian Writer Conferences asking (or pleading) with Victoria Strauss to intervene on his behalf regarding a libelous post by Teresa Nielsen Hayden (posing as an entity called "Hapisofi"). If you read the screenshot posts, as follows below, it all becomes fairly clear.

Teresa Nielsen-Hayden of AW
Here is a person sticking their neck out for someone else in an effort to finally delete a ridiculous and vicious smear by Teresa Nielsen Hayden directed at a well known and respected author who teaches at a college in Virginia and who works with Algonkian workshops. And btw, we've read the original post by Teresa, and let us tell you, it is TRIPLE NASTY.

Our good old bullying Hapisofi went to Hell Town on this one. She must have worn an indignant face, similar to the one on the left, when she wrote that post. It's the face of a self-righteous crusader out to expose and destroy the likes of Robert Bausch and all other famous literary authors who have nothing better to do than lie about winning contests that appear to upset Teresa. Troll times ten!!!!!

Upon reflection, and even given her bullying rep, it makes you wonder what kind of human being acts like this. What kind of person goes out of their way to make up vicious fantasies about others, and what grudge did she have against Bausch, or against Neff for that matter (since she royally trashes him also), or against any one of God knows how many people she has trashed in the past ten years under various guises on chat forums, especially Boing Boing and Absolute Write?

Note how Victoria sidesteps the request to assist with removal of the libelous claim. She says she's all about standing up for writers. Hmmm. But when it comes to Absolute Write, it appears that any outrage is allowable in her book. She leaves Neff hanging. He pleads. She turns a deaf ear. She is a hypocrite, plain and simple. To take on AW would mean risk getting banned and losing her primary source of promoting her tepid fantasy fiction.

If you examine the facts behind this, you will see how this proves beyond any doubt what we've all been saying for years now: Absolute Write is run by bullies, for bullies and by bullies. It is a home to a staggering collection of sociopaths, borderlines, and narcissists of various mental labels, plus a sad group of pitiable ignoramuses who revolve about them as if they're important.

"After Nine Years and 30,000+ Posts at AW, I Got Banned"

"The place has become a hostile nightmare to open discussion."

The comment below was originally made on another page post, but we are reproducing it here because we believe it demonstrates quite clearly that the ownership culture at Absolute Write (namely Lisa Spangenberg and Mac "Stone" Sherman plus various crackpot moderators) has not changed or learned a thing from the dozens of websites and forums critical of their actions and vitriol. It's as if they believe their own absurd lie that it's all just the work of one troll. 

And here we go (the poster chose to remain anonymous):
"After nine years and 30,000+ posts at AW, I got banned a month ago for using the word "nutcase" in reference to the father of Orlando mass murderer Omar Mateen. His father had produced on a local TV commentary show in which he claimed, among other things, to be the President of Afghanistan, and ranted in a semi-coherent way on a variety of things. This had been reported by reputable news sources, and I simply made the comment and linked one article, either from ABC or NBC news.
"AW Admin" called me on the carpet for using the word "nutcase" because if violated the AW rule about "respecting your fellow writer" When I questioned this interpretation, I was informed by "Admin", with a dictionary definition, that the word meant "crazy or eccentric person" and that it could apply to 80% of the AW commenters. I then pointed out, publicly, in another thread, that the word "n*tc*se" had apparently been banned at AW. That comment was instantly taken down, and I was banned for 30 days, with no reason given.
The 30 days expired today, and just for fun (I have no intention of returning to the hellhole that site has become) I tried to log in. At which point I was informed, again with no reason given, that the ban is permanent.
I have friends there, other long-term posters, who have wondered privately to me what the hell is going on with the site. It simply appears that Stalinism is what is going on. I'll pass along this quote, from "AW Admin", in a threatening response to one of those friends:
“if I had any desire to shut down discussion, I could do it in ways which would not be perceptible to the users. There are in fact multiple methods of accomplishing this.”
Both a non-idle threat and a boast. It is happening all the time there these days. The place has become a hostile nightmare to open discussion. The absurdity of the "reasoning" behind "Admin"'s comment to me is obvious and requires no further comment.
I was close to leaving the place, anyway, so I'm dismayed only for the people still trying to populate it. I cannot recommend strongly enough that people stay away from it."