It's Official - Author Jenna Glatzer is Avoiding Any Past Connection to Absolute Write

Jenna, We Miss you

A source close to the founder of Absolute Write, author Jenna Glatzer, has informed us that the last thing Jenna wants is any further association with Absolute Write and it's owner operators, Lisa Spangenberg and Melodi "Mac Stone" Sherman. Even Jenna's most recently updated bio page includes every detail of her past writing life and accomplishments, but noticeably fails to mention her past involvement for several years with Absolute Write.

The truth is obvious. AW is just so toxic and has such a horrible reputation that a professional like Glatzer cannot afford to be have her name mixed in with ongoing acts of defamation, juvenile mob behavior, and terrible advice.

Can anyone blame her?

NOTE: we will never reveal sources of inside information due to the relentless need for the culture at Absolute Write to seek revenge on anyone who goes against the party line--motivated by a group think narcissism that prides itself on being correct at all times. Jenna was the reformer, the being with an ethical mission, but the current culture has descended into a form of self-congratulatory Stalinism that ruthlessly polices itself and retaliates against foes rather than allow important differences of opinion. 

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  1. I know Jenna and she's got way too much class for the kind of dullards and haters that Absolute Write nurtures.