In the Post #Metoo Era, Male Writers and Authors and Anyone Who Supports Them are Strongly at Risk on Internet Forums like Absolute Write

Given the amount of males writers and established authors who have been smeared and had their reps ruined by #metoo-like accusations in various forums, we are issuing a LIFE RISK ADVISORY to all male writers and authors who participate in hostile and often malevolent talk boards like Absolute Write--especially since AW has demonstrated such hostilities and aggressive attacks on male writers (as well as female writers) in the recent past.

The evidence for this type of caustic behavior is pervasive (Google "Absolute Write complaints" or "bullying" or click our links on the left nav bar), only now, male writers are at more risk for being smeared on Internet in such a way that will cost them their jobs and reputations.

Again, just a warning. The risk is yours take. If nothing else, make certain you use a pseudo and cover your tracks.

W.A.R. Staff