Macallister Stone is a Full Grown, Adult Human Sock Puppet

"Running" it Into The Ground

Discovered and confirmed by a great detective who is resident at Absolute Wrong. And here she is. Photo taken at Viable Paradise Workshop. She is passing herself off as a woman named Macallister Stone. She is in fact, Melodi Sherman of Snohomish. She is, in fact, a live human sock puppet.

Why the guise? Other board owners are public knowledge. What is Melodi afraid of? Of course, we know the answer.


And on a different topic, below is a 2015 slab of back to back tweets by Macallister Stone of Absolute Write in the context of waiting to pounce on a writer posting something she didn't like on Absolute Write Water Cooler. We are not sure of the subject matter. Just judge for yourself. Who behaves in this fashion and cares enough to broadcast it in public? Obviously, she's proud of it. "I am implacable. Also, I am RIGHT." 

Could this be a window into the psyche behind a non-writer buying a talk forum website for writers? It really does seem as if she loves to bully those she disagrees with, and as we all know, her wrath has defined the bullying nature of her business and associates who gave rise to this blog and so many other websites and blogs critical of Absolute Write's policy of shoot first and keep shooting.


Lisa Spangenberg Defines "Sock Puppet"

No surprise here with this definition. How subjective and easy when it comes to label slapping. Don't like a viewpoint other than yours, just find a label to slap on the poster, then you're home free.

This is typical juvenile logic you see so often in Spangenberg and Melodi "Macallister" Sherman posts:
"The clue to identifying a sock puppet is not the IP, or even the user agent profile. It's their writing and their obsessions in their posts"
 "Their obsessions ..." Kinda creepy? And what of Lisa's obsessions in her posts?


Special thanks to the ABSOLUTE WRONG blog for stating the problem with Absolute Write in a calm and analytical fashion. We will adopt these questions and ask them of all our future readers:

"I'm not opposed to Absolute Write in general. The amount of collective experience in the AW forums is impressive. Unfortunately, so is the cronyism and narrow-mindedness. Over the past several years, I've watched as anyone who disagrees with the core AW moderator group is silenced and banned. The forum is an echo chamber. Ideas and discussions that don't conform with what the moderator group deems appropriate (this varies, depending on who makes the comments) are squashed.

If you're a new writer looking for a community, consider the following questions:

  • Are you okay with abasing yourself to perceived authority if said authority disagrees with you? Is it more important to be liked than to be right?
  • Do you prefer to follow traditional and "safe" paths that have been trod for decades?
  • Are you opposed to crowdsourcing ideas?
  • Do you believe tone can be determined from a handful of forum posts? Do you believe the tone you perceive from those posts reveals everything you need to know about a person?
  • Do you revel in Internet drama and secrets?

If you answer yes to all of these questions, Absolute Write is the right forum for you. If not, I recommend looking elsewhere for a writing community; the positive aspects of AW will not outweigh the negative for you."