Karmic Retribution Unleashed - Panic Grips Absolute Write and the Exodus Continues

NOTE: Urgent. If you're trying to sign-on to Absolute Write, know that their deep-scan software is probing as much information on your computer drives as possible and storing it. You're not being told this. They're utilizing the information in an attempt to ID the hackers who have been electronically sacking and besieging the AW site since December, but at what cost? Also, know that hackers are circling the site like buzzards and picking off the weakest. Be warned!

NOTE: We are reposting the notes on the left about Jenna because of the mails and comments we continue to receive from yesteryear fans who still yearn for the days when she ran Absolute Write instead of the current regime of hostile "woke" trolls (in truth, putting it mildly).

Is the worst is over for Absolute Write.Com? No. The slide continues unabated. The threat of hackers running rampant and taking names during the DDOS attack on their server has taken its toll. AW traffic is once again cut in half with no bottom in sight. The place is a smoking shell of its former self. Course, it had already taken a beating before that. As we've noted elsewhere on this blog, you can't continue grossly insulting people, threatening them, humiliating them, and trying to ruin their reputations whenever they don't agree with your narcissistic opinion, and expect life to be easy.

Rumor is the perpetrators of the DDOS attack have warned Lisa Spangenberg and Macallister Stone (Melodi Sherman) to expect more attacks if they don't mend their ways, but we have no confirmation of this. One of the AW ex-members who fled the website and who was a member for seven years, told us:

"It's just too risky to hang around there anymore. In exchange for putting up with the snotty and cruel behavior of the AW club, I thought I was getting some good writing advice, but now it's just not worth the punishment, and besides the advice turned out to be terrible anyway."

We recommend avoiding the lingering radiation. Approach AW at your own risk!