Long Overdue Thanks to Victoria Strauss for Her Now Infamous "Haters Gonna Hate" Post

Below and Above We See Victoria Battle Her "Troll"

(sent 9/26/15 to Victoria Strauss)

Dear Victoria,

We can't thank you enough for your Hater's Gonna Hate post that depicted Absolute Write as the faultless victim of immoral haters. It genuinely served to inflame the so-called haters into more hate because you dared not admit even a single instance of wrong on the part of your friends at Absolute Write. Neither would you fault the owners, Melodi Sherman and Lisa Spangenberg, for obvious acts of encouraging and participating in the unfair defamation of writers, presses, and other organizations. Could it all have something to do with the fact that AW is the number one source for promoting your fantasy novels? You must have at least several hundred posts on there with your signature block hawking your books, no? Perhaps even thousands of posts (6,667 as of this date), each one a free banner advert for your latest book with a link to more. It's no wonder you routinely jump into the most popular threads where a bloody good drubbing is taking place.

But these facts only serve to underscore our gratitude for the post. We've received more support and readership as a result of your post ranking high on google when "Absolute Write" is searched . Writers who didn't know there was even an issue now routinely add "reviews" and "bewares" and "complaints" to their search string for purposes of learning more. Apparently, many are not willing to suspend disbelief that literally dozens of boards, blogs and websites complaining bitterly about the mods and owner trolls of AW are all the work of a single lying person. They will not take you at your word that you possess the absolute right information on the matter of AW's record of nonstop cyberbullying and acts of libel, a record you claim does not even exist.

According to many, this absolute right defense argument of yours only serves to make you appear like a hypocrite. Are you even aware? You've convinced other writer organizations and websites that you are legitimately telling the truth about Absolute Write when you deny the ongoing abuses. But that is going to change, and is changing even now. Our hope is that you will continue to defend the horrible people on this board who have germinated into their own peculiar club of villains. You are like the bribed mayor of a city who looks good to the public but who deals behind the scenes with criminals and charlatans. 

By the way, when are you going to call Absolute Write on Writer Beware for advertising banners leading to scam contests? Have you not been reading the news?  http://writeabsolutereviews.blogspot.com/2015/08/absolute-write-beware-advertising.html ____ And this isn't the only one. AW has run scam rotating ads off and on for eight years at least. We never saw you note that on Writer Beware. Why not? Your support of their bullying and scam advertising just becomes more telling by the year.

Thank you again, Victoria. Please feel free to spread this email and post it on your board.

Best Wishes,