Absolute Write Down

Is it just possible that these people are responsible?

This is an update to our previous post found here.  

Absolute Write is DOWN! No question, and it's been down for many weeks now. Whoever is operating the DDOS attack against them is apparently relentless. It's also possible that the attacks pause to allow recovery time then begin again.

In any case, the site domain has been de-indexed from Google and the Absolute Write ISP is nervous over the tenacity of the attack. Who wants to be associated with a website that attracts such fierce rage and subsequent retaliation? Who will they attack next?

Also, if I were a user of Absolute Write, even a devoted one, would I risk openly supporting or even utilizing a site so incredibly despised by so many, including those capable of such wrath?

Worth a thought.

Absolute Write is down, and if karma and justice prevail, it will stay down.

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