Why We Work on the W.A.R. Blog

The energy of this blog, and other websites, have been a subject of curiosity and criticism on the part of those who don't understand why we spend time on Absolute Write issues. But now, here are the reasons why we maintain the W.A.R. blog. We feel these reasons are sufficient:

  • Our staff, supporters, and allies have all been smeared and humiliated in public by Absolute Write owners, members, and moderators.
  • The Absolute Write Water Cooler posts and threads that smear us appear every day on AW and are found every day by searches on Google.
  • We have suffered loss and embarrassment as a result of the lies, hostility, and misleading statements made about our persons and our livelihoods.
  • We have had to answer for false allegations, and this continues to be the case.
  • Efforts to communicate with owner Melodi Sherman, or with admin Lisa Spangenberg, have been ignored, met with ridicule, obscenities, and in some cases, resulted in further trashing on the forums to the applause of cronies.
  • We wish to make our experiences known and to expose the people responsible.
  • We are encouraged further by the repeated denials made in public by Absolute Write followers and spokespeople.
  • We are encouraged further by the lies and juvenile labeling (trolls, socks, etc.) practiced by AW followers and spokespeople.
  • We wish to work with others to bring an end to the cyberbullying and smearing that goes on at AW, or failing that, work to bring the website down by any legal means necessary, or at least facilitate a change in ownership.
  • We feel sorry for all those who have been placed in our position by libelous statements and other acts of defamation.
  • We really feel a strong desire to stand up to AW and do the right thing.

We will continue on this mission as long as it takes. We will not be shut down or silenced. If Absolute Write's owners do anything to curtail our activities, we will branch out, start other blogs, go to other social media sources, form new websites in Europe or elsewhere in the U.S. or Australia, whatever it takes to keep the message in the public consciousness.

We will never forsake this cause.


  1. God bless you. Serious as a heart attack.

  2. These people remind you of the social media frauds helping the Clinton campaign.

  3. where can I contact you in private by email?

  4. I have information that can help you. Where should I send it?