Thank You and a Beware Warning

The Mean Girls of High School Now "Grown" and Still Exhibiting Their Rage

Once again, thanks to our many supporters who won't stop talking about the absolutely ridiculous and insulting behavior on Absolute Write. We understand that you wish to communicate backchannel, however, please feel free to post here anonymously. Your ID will not be known or shared in any manner.

This is necessary to prevent anyone from Absolute Write gaining enough knowledge to effectively retaliate against you or anyone else.

You guys are simply and terrifically wonderful!

Best Wishes,

W.A.R. Admins

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  1. Is it just a coincidence that if you look at a fairly large random sample of writers banned or bullied by Absolute Write mods and owners you find that 90% of them are either reasonably attractive non-gay women or men?

    It's worth a comment or two, and certainly, more in-depth investigation.

    If indisputably true, the revelation comes as no surprise. Sorry. It just doesn't.