Attention Law Enforcement, Attorneys or Private Investigators Pursuing Action Against Absolute Write Members

The owner of Absolute Write, Melodi Sherman, exposed her IP address above. Using some of the best Geolocators a few weeks ago, including Infosniper, we have cross referenced results and believe we have located her residential address in Everett, WA. We will not publish this information here, however, if you wish to know the address, and can prove your credentials, write us at with your request. It is our hope this will lead to effective civil action against select members of Absolute Write whose real identities are protected by the board owner and her live-in administrator, namely Melodi Sherman and Lisa Spangenberg.

Additionally, using Google Maps, we have identified several horse farm/boarding facilities, and narrowed down the correct location of their business on the northernmost part of Ebey Island. This is the location of Melodi Sherman's farrier business known as Snohomish Pastures. The first photo above is from their Tumblr account, and the second photo below this was taken from Google Maps. This unlicensed business is located on 63rd Avenue SE, Everett WA. We are not sure of the actual address, however, visual identification is confirmed. The property is entered via a locked metal gate and the road inside is bordered by small trees. See the top left of the bottom photo from Google.

Identification of this current business address will enable the delivery of subpoenas or whatever else is required. Again, this is an unlicensed business in the state of Washington.

Also, the old registered domain from Godaddy on 1825 Douglas Avenue is just around the corner from the above horse boarding facility. It is our belief that Melodi Sherman and Lisa Spangenberg are likely still inhabiting the residence on Douglas Avenue.

The area around the horse pasture and on Douglas Ave. is ramshackle and impoverished. It has a Grapes of Wrath appearance to it. A journey on Google Maps makes this known. So here are Lisa and Melodi living their lives in relative poverty and surrounded by animals, lots of junky cars in the yard and rusty trailers.

Should we feel sorry for them?

Just not possible given the many years of wrath and smear from their dirt factory.

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  1. Some of the details you have are old, so I sent you updated info. Please check the email inbox for this page.