Absolute Write - The Bad Review Pattern - How Many Does it Take?

To anyone reading this blog. If you are neutral or undecided on the issue of Absolute Write bullying, then go to Google. Type in "absolute write reviews" and see for yourself. Scores and scores of bad reviews.

Absolute Write has more stinging bad reviews than any writer, author, workshop, or agent website on the Internet. In point of fact, it has far more bad reviews from more sources than all of the aforementioned put together.

Whether it's a bad restaurant, crooked car dealership, or rip-off vanity press, you see bad reviews collect in significant numbers over time, and on multiple websites. The pattern is always the same.

This same pattern reveals Absolute Write for what it really is.

Make your own decision.


  1. No real need to google. It's all here, on the left nav bar. Loads of links.

    Thank you, WAR, whoever you are.

  2. Try "absolute write complaints" also in Google. I've never seen so many complaints about a website:


    If you could take all the anger in these complaints and compress it into one giant ball, you would have enough energy to take out Manhattan.

  3. There most recent swath of complaints I'm contacting all the houses and feel we should class action suit them for defamation. Has anyone attempted this? In trying to "talk" with the forum and discuss their concerns or commentary - it is obvious they do not want to present their industry concerns, rather they just enjoy bullying and nastiness and gain the support of the myriad of folks who are under-educated regarding publishing. Even an actress, Donna Migliaccio from the Kennedy Center and other DC theater groups join in the body slams. It becomes mind-numbing.

    Where do we contact you personally?

  4. marilynweiss402 @ yahoo.com

    Who is this Donna Migliaccio on Absolute Write? What is her pseudo and who is she bullying? This is unbelievable. She sounds like she would be a class act but she's joined the dirt factory?