Mel Sherman Reveals her Sock Puppet ID Used on Absolute Write

Looks like Melodi Sherman, alias Macallister Stone and the real owner of Absolute Write, forgot about this public post on AboutMe.Com. Her business, Snohomish Pastures, is located on Ebey Island in WA, near Everett. Snohomish Pastures as a business is unlisted. As others have pointed out, no license, no taxes paid, and so forth. More found here on Forums Review. Please join us in locating the exact business address for purposes of serving subpoenas, and further legal action including potential prosecution of cyberbullies currently resident on Absolute Write forums.

Click on photo above for a larger image.


  1. She's pulled the graphic off of About.Me.

  2. I am the creator of that page. It was made to increase the signal to noise ratio so that her real name (Mel Sherman) is linked to MacAllister Stone and AbsoluteWrite more firmly. I also run her parody Twitter feed: