Lisa L. Spangenberg - Tyrant or Beer Blogger?

Lisa Looking Friendly - Is She?
Medievalist is what she calls herself on Absolute Write. She likes Medieval things. You might ask yourself after running afoul of her: "Does she wear chain mail thermal underwear?" As the major admin and live-in partner of the AW owner, Melodi Sherman (aka Macallister Stone), Lisa Spangenberg slugs it out with the best of them on AW. She is rather like a crude knight, punching in faces with iron gloves, whacking off sockpuppet heads with her broadsword. She was once believed to be Macallister Stone, i.e., until our beloved sister site, Absolute Wrong, proved that Melodi Sherman was the big boss, not Lisa.

Nevertheless, we've witnessed Lisa at her best, or worst, on Absolute Write on countless occasions, supporting any number of trumped up lies, misconceptions, and unfair conclusions leveled on hapless people assigned by AW mods to Room 666 in Hell. And not only that, but she isn't a fiction writer. That's right. She mods around AW supporting and throwing out advice re writing, for fiction writers, but she isn't one. She couldn't plot a novel or get a short story published to save her life.

But look at her picture here! Look! She appears sanguine, at ease, ready to hoist a brew with the gang. Is this possible? Can such a witch goddess of public figure actually be a nice person? Possess a genuinely sweet persona when not carving livers on Absolute Write? When not humiliating and degrading fellow human beings for all the world to see?


  1. It is worthy of note more than once that Lisa Spangenberg and the other little cyber gods are not really writers at all. The majority of writers there are fiction, fantasy writers, and Lisa once co-authored a tech manual with her ex-husband that was blurbed on Linked In by her husband and Macallister Stone. That's it. Hardly qualifies her for judgment calls on anything involving fiction, no matter the topic.

    As a matter of fact, it hardly qualifies her to comment on anything.

  2. Absolute Write, in the hands of Melodi Sherman and Lisa Spangenberg, is in effect a judge-jury-prosecutor platform, and one utilized on an almost daily basis to publicly humiliate, bash, defame and even scold people they have never met and do not know, as well as businesses they have never interacted with in any form whatsoever. All it takes is for one question to be asked, or one axe grinder to make an appearance, and the predators smell blood. A swarm of anonymous fairies and fops with ridiculous icons appear and begin fomenting themselves into leaps of logic, unfounded assumptions, and distortions of reality. All this would be amusing if it were not for the fact that their extensive dialogues and diatribes become public record and are ranked high in Google.

    And will the average reader always understand what kind of sociopaths he or she is witnessing. Not necessarily. They appear to speak from authority quite often, give the appearance of sincerity, and there is a background history of real scams revealed by Absolute Write. Users there like Victoria Strauss, who give the appearance of legitimacy, will rush in to show support. But as we all know, the best way to maintain the momentum at Absolute Write is to mix a few grains of truth into one continuous and hydra-headed avalanche of lie. In reality, the core site is a lie on more than one level. The owner and her sock puppets and assorted gang not only shred people all day for amusement and publicity (as someone pointed out, the mediocre writers get publicity for their poorly written books each time they post) and monetary gain (huge revenue from advertisements), the site itself purports to offer good advice to writers when in fact it does no such thing. Advice is amateurish and quite often just plain wrong.

    Regardless, the bullies at Absolute Write, herded there by Melodi Sherman and Lisa Spangenberg, and goaded on by her at all times with great vigor, basically function as a Salem witch trial. Accusations are often baseless, but delivered and discussed with excessive zeal. Victims are displayed for purposes of torture, and anyone who disagrees is accused of being a witch also.

    One has to ask: what gives such cowardly arm-chair nerds the right to act as prosecutors, judge and jury? Nothing gives them the right. These are a bunch of losers looking for payback. I've seen it before. I've fired abnormals like this at my job because they were caught retaliating against other workers using phony online identities.

    I know the type, and I sincerely hope someone is able to bring legal action against Melodi Sherman, Lisa Spangenberg, and their hateful crew.

  3. These are very dangerous people who have no right to be criticizing anyone involved with publishing. The horrible things they write about others is just digging all of these hacks into a deeper and deeper libel and slander hole. They're cyber-bullies, plain and simple as this. Anyone with any amount of compassion will see through these vicious wannabe writers - not one of them, not one, is established or has any kind of reputable book sales to their credit.

  4. Lisa Spangenberg and Melodi Sherman are sad, sick people. They took over an extremely good writer's site, and have been engaged in running it into the septic tank ever since.

    1. No doubt. I was a member when it was owned by Jenna Glatzer, and it was a decent place for beginning writers to give and receive help and pointers. Soon after Melodi, and her equally repugnant girlfriend, Lisa took over it began slipping into the gutter. I absolutely loved Jenna's personality.

    2. God, nothing could be more true!

  5. Lisa banned me from AW for asking about writing contests. What is wrong with her? I wish I could post the emails from her. She is one terrible person in the writing world.

  6. Lisa didn't ban me but she sent me super nasty and bizarre PMs. Melodi actually did show me some kindness Old Hack was nasty but later nice. Spangenberg is just the worst though