Teresa Nielsen Hayden Fired From Tor Books

W.A.R Announcement: 

Yes, this is the Teresa we know.
Teresa Nielsen Hayden, aka the repugnant and infamous cyberbully "Hapisofi" on Absolute Write, has been officially fired from the Tor staff. We received the following note from someone connected to the publisher (who must remain anonymous to prevent retaliation by Nielsen's husband Patrick who is still a big shot at Tor Books and who has supported his wife regardless of her vitriolic and unprovoked assaults on writers, presses, and organizations using her anonymous ID on Absolute Write):

Teresa Nielsen Hayden is now officially off the Tor staff page. She has been removed permanently. A source close to the staff reports that the sheer amount of negative information about her on the web was the reason. However, she continues to update her Wikipedia page listing herself as an "Executive Editor" at Tor books, and a reference footnote to the Tor website (that proves she is off the staff completely).

Another lie from this person. She lies about herself and about others as if she'll never be caught.

Check it out. Here is the Tor page: http://www.tor.com/page/about-us 

And here is a Google link to articles about her bullying behavior online: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=teresa+nielsen+hayden+bully

Hopefully, Wikipedia editors will pick up on her termination and call her on it. Her Wikipedia talk page is already packed with argument and controversy--typical of anything involving her. We would nonetheless like to thank whoever it was at Tor Books who finally did whatever it took to permanently remove Hayden from the staff. Relevant links below concerning TNH and her path of misery:

To the left is a photo of Michael James "Orangemike" Lowry, the Wikipedia editor who is the primary defender of Teresa Nielsen Hayden's Wikipedia profile as it appears right now. If you review the comments in the thread below and on the Wikipedia Talk page regarding this subject, you will see him not only refusing to admit the existence of unreliable, self-published sources, but actually bullying another editor (Kennedy T) for attempting to apply to Teresa Nielsen Hayden's page the kind of realistic guidelines Wikipedia demands. The ironic thing is that in Michael "Orangemike" Lowry's bio, he notes that he takes a hard line on bad sourcing, but it appears that his rules don't apply to his friends. He terms this post, and thread below, as a "hate fest" but he cannot refute the actual evidence of her troll behavior and bullying of an indefinite number of victims on a variety of Internet forums.