Mac Attack Declares Squirming Grubs, Lunatic Con Artists, and Lying Little Cowards Not Fit to Lick Shoes!!!

The W.A.R. blog has been officially scarred and made an even more important part of the Absolute Write JEER (Justice, Exposure, and Efficient Resistance) movement. Let us have our fun. We have happily logged some real Mac attack stuff on our post regarding the Viable Paradise Writing Workshop run by Old Hack, Congenial Sage, and Hapisofi Teresa.  We couldn't be more pleased. Thank you, anonymous poster person, whoever you are. We prefer to believe you are Melodi Sherman or Lisa Spangenberg herself, and it's easy to believe since the venom and nature of the insults is remarkably similar to horrible things uttered by the duo on a frequent basis.

All those who critique or dislike Absolute Write cyberbullying are squirming grubs, lunatic con artists, or lying little cowards not fit to "lick their shoes." The shoes btw are those worn by Mac and Hapisofi Teresa, according to the poster who at first pretended to be an alum of the Viable Paradise workshop.

Thank you, anonymous poster person! Please return with more insults asap. We hear your hatred as applause.

As a matter of fact, it has given us just the amount of extra stimulation to inaugurate "Hunt for Mac Summer" in 2014, an extra push to identify the business or residential address of the people who own Absolute Write so that they or their members may be sued for defamation, or arrested for violating cyberbullying laws.

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