Which Avatar Is Patrick Nielsen Hayden Plus Miscellaneous Jabber

We can't figure if Patrick Nielsen Hayden is part of the cyberbully cabal on Absolute Write or not. We assume he takes part now and then given his wife Teresa's (Hapisofi) devotion to the cause. But who is he? So many are hiding with false identities on AW it's hard to say.

If anyone has knowledge as to the identity of this man on Absolute Write, please write us or post here. Include links to his contributions, especially if they involve bullying and character assassination of writers, presses, or anyone else.

As we've seen with the likes of Janet Reid and others, it's a simple matter to go anonymous and let the dark side take over, especially if you can rationalize that you are in the right.

Thank  you!


Enough blood has been spilled on Absolute Write by your wife and associates. It's time to end it. Be a voice for peace and reason, please. Neither you or Teresa or Debra Doyle or Melodi "Macallister" Sherman or anyone else on that board has a right to stand as judge, jury and executioner over the rights of small presses to get started and publish the work of fiction writers who freely choose to allow such publication. Taste and editorial skill, as evidenced in the books themselves, are far more important that any particular prior experience in a publisher's office in New York. People and presses grow and evolve. It's not your task in life to make certain that the people starting these presses and operating them are trashed and mocked for the world to see on the Absolute Write forums. And we are not talking about shady operators, simply start-ups who want a chance to publish and compete. 

Lies, humiliation, and bullying tactics are uncalled for. We hope you agree, Patrick Nielsen Hayden.


The WAR Staff

Miscellaneous Jabber 

  • We at W.A.R. recognize that there are positive aspects to Absolute Write. There is no doubt of that and the fact is undeniable. It has never been our aim to discount or belittle helpful forums or places where true writer rip-offs are exposed; but the fact is, the marketing bytes and blasts of AW's supporters and owners do not match the reality, and much of this disconnect is here on this blog for everyone to see (e.g. quality of writer advice, respect for writers, fair play on the forums, true business professionals hanging out and giving feedback, and lack of bullying). But think on this. There are aspects of Oakland and Philly that are good. The food is yum yum, there are some friendly people, you can shop at big malls. Yes. Now, would you actually recommend someone from another country to live in Oakland or Philly if they had a choice of much better places to live in the U.S. where crime, pollution, corrupt city officials, and traffic weren't threatening to drive them mad?
  • Victoria Strauss, on Writer Beware, has noted our posts on particular Absolute Write bullies (Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Stacia Kane, etc.) to be "character assassinations." Isn't this what the press guy for any corrupt politician says as a first line of defense? They don't address the substance of the alleged attack, they impugn the character of the guy pointing the finger.
  • We recently found the old Sitejabber reviews and Dark Market reviews that had gone suddenly missing. The vanishing of the Sitejabber webpages regarding Absolute Write were especially depressing since they had a history of detailed discontent with the main subject of this blog.
  • Absolute Write and its supporters like Victoria Strauss continue to spread the hokey fiction that the vast constellation of critical AW reviews are the work of one disgruntled ex-AW member, a new hybrid super troll. Do you laugh or sigh when you hear this blithering mind scrawl? Even the most diehard of AW fans hopefully have enough sense of logic to see through this inane argument. Victoria Strauss makes a point of including screenshots of her drubbing a troll who dialogues with her on this very subject--and in case any of her argument makes a bit of sense to you, keep scrolling down the page to read the commentary, especially more than half way down, then come back here and read the Sitejabber and Dark Market reviews, as well as the scores of other reviews located at W.A.R.
  • Two huge public supporters of Absolute Write, Janet Reid and Victoria Strauss (both of whom have participated in bully threads), recently opened major threads on their blogs to support the Water Cooler regime of Melodi Sherman and Lisa Spangenberg. Both threads, though at first populated by supporters (herded there?), soon gave way to a meteor fall of criticism as past victims and critics of the website stopped by to add their comments. We've learned from Lesley Cameron that Janet Reid began to censor posts critical of AW after midpoint so that the bulk of comments would appear positive. We included a post on that censorship after Ms. Cameron contacted us.

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  1. Thanks for the inclusion of what I forwarded to you on Miss Snark. I know we share the same goal, and btw, the comments about owners and mods of Absolute Write being physically hideous should be deleted from the conversation.

    That talk is just petty and plain foolish. A sock puppet of Victoria pointed that out on her Writer Beware thread and I agree.

    It was about the only thing I agreed with.

  2. She seems to believe you have some kind of inside track here. Or she's working to establish that so she can use a guilt-by-association accusation later to discredit whatever you say.

  3. I would like to take credit for being the super troll.