Lisa Spangenberg Defines "Sock Puppet"

No surprise here with this definition. How subjective and easy when it comes to label slapping. Don't like a viewpoint other than yours, just find a label to slap on the poster, then you're home free.

This is typical juvenile logic you see so often in Spangenberg and Melodi "Macallister" Sherman posts:
"The clue to identifying a sock puppet is not the IP, or even the user agent profile. It's their writing and their obsessions in their posts"
 "Their obsessions ..." Kinda creepy? And what of Lisa's obsessions in her posts?


  1. Um, how about *their* obsession with sock puppets?

  2. She's so nasty. She was SO nasty to me in PM over nothing. Even told me not to ever mention my disability again on the board, because my mentioning it annoys her. She was just randomly insulting. She said it in a really nasty way and she just gets off on bullying.