Absolute Write Reviews - Take Down The Bullies

This blog is dedicated to gathering support, financing, and information necessary to take justified legal action against specific anonymous entities on Internet bully boards like Absolute Write and Good Reads, among others.


  1. Just a crazy question? How do you define a bully? I define a bully as someone who someone who is habitually cruel to someone...
    I have been STGRB's victim for doing nothing more than trying to STOP another SPA from being verbally abusive to readers...
    So, how do you decide who is a bully? Are you automatically gonna run and defend the person crying foul (after they edited what they actually said) like STGRB? Or are you dedicated to the absolute truth?

    1. I saw this and thought to comment. Why don't you post your experience with STGRB in more detail and see if the admin allows the post?

      In looking over this blog, it demands proof of the bullying in the form of explanation and links. Bully for me is defined by the act of being a bully, using power to press others into obedience or acting retaliatory if certain thoughts do not match the perp's viewpoint.